Legislative Updates

Dental Laboratory Basic Minimum Standards Legislative Proposals by State
Year initially filed or anticipated 2012 2012 2012 2013 2013
Laboratory Registration Fee n/a BOD Sets $50.00 TBD $200.00
Every 2 yrs**** Every 2 yrs*
Laboratory Registration No Yes Yes Yes Yes*
CDT or Equivalent Required
No No No No Yes
Existing Law
Out-of-State Laboratories Required to Register
n/a Yes No Yes Yes*
Dentists Required to Use Registered Laboratory
n/a Yes Yes** TBD Yes*
Material Disclosure Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Point of Origin Disclosure Yes*** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Became Law
*    Inadvertantly repealed in 2010. KBOD and KDLA are working re-enact. Anticpated late 2012 or early 2013
**  Only for lab work done in MN
*** Patient Disclosure required
**** $20 on renewal cao 5-12
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