State Regulation

In a 2009, American Dental Association member survey, nearly 65% of dentists responded that they believe dental technicians and laboratories are regulated in their state. This is not the case. In fact, only four states in the U.S. require either certification or continuing education.

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Dentistry has seen a proliferation of new technology and materials. As a result, dentists now more than ever rely upon the skills of a qualified dental technician to assist with material selection and case planning. It is not uncommon for a dental technician to work directly with the dentist in an office setting to meet with patients.

It is important for the dentist to have complete trust and confidence in their technicians’ skills and knowledge.  Working with a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) is a great way to ensure success.


Current Environment – 2013

  • State Regulation – Basic Standards
  • Ten states have existing administrative or statutory laws regulating dental laboratories and/or technicians
  • Primary requirements include: lab registration, material and point of origin disclosure, one CDT for each lab or required continuing education (CE).
Dental Laboratory Basic Minimum Standards by State
Year of Initial Enactment 1985 1995 1942 1977 1993 1987 2012 1992 2008 1987 2012
Laboratory Registration Fee $135 n/a $102 150 † $200 $50 $200 n/a $200 n/a
Annual Annual Annual Every 2 yrs 2 year**
Laboratory Registration Yes No Yes Yes † No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Requirement to Yes No No No No No No No No No No
Provide # of Employees
Certificate to Perform No No Yes* No No No No No No No No
Dental Technology
CDT or Equivalent Yes No Yes Yes No No No No No No No
State Laws and Rules
Exam Required Yes No Yes No No No No No No No No
Out-of-State Laboratories Yes No Yes Yes † No No No No No No No
Required to Register
Dentists Required to Yes No Yes Yes † No No Yes *** No No No No
Use Registered Laboratory
Material Disclosure No Yes**** Yes Yes † Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No
Point of Origin Disclosure Yes Yes**** Yes Yes † Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes*****
CE for One Technician Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No
in each Laboratory
Laboratory Registration legislation has previously been filed in:  Alabama, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Virginia
†      Rule adopted by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry.  Pending final approval through state LRC administrative rule adoption process
*     The certificate to perform dental technological work in SC requires each of the following:
         HS or GED; 2 year DT degree or 3 years OJT; CDT or pass SC state board; and pass SC laws and rules exam
**    $20 on renewal
***   Only for lab work done in MN
****  Required on Missouri Dental Association Prescription Form but not required by state law.
*****Required by Virginia Board of Dentistry Work Order Form. Updated February 2014 by NADL